remy rougeau:
 all we know of heaven
Itís not unusual to dream about leaving our busy world behind, but typically we don't take the steps to exclude ourselves from the world on a long-term basis. That is one of the reasons that I found All We Know of Heaven so fascinating...read more.

allen kurzweil:
 the grand complication
The Grand Complication is one of those rare books that is both exciting and cerebral. Its plot is unique, characters bizarre, and it never falls back on the common mystery devices ...read more.

ross king:
 brunelleschi's dome
The year is 1418 and Florence, Italy has decided to complete itís new cathedral with a dome befitting its stature as one of the richest and most cultured cities in the world...read more.

caleb carr:
 killing time
The world in Killing Time is quickly being destroyed by some of the very scientific advances we enjoy today. A society that has clearly bought into the concept that "information is power" without discerning the truth of the data they are receiving...read more.
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