paris combo:
 living room (tinder records)
Oh, for the days of smoky cabarets on The Left Bank in the 1920s.  Paris Combo transports you back to those carefree days with the beguiling voice of Belle du Berry and the talents of Potzi (guitar), David Lewis (trumpet, bugle, piano, melodica), Mano Razanajato (bass, vocals, guitar), and Francois Francois (percussion).  This gifted ensemble doesn't stop with the torch songs of the cabaret, but extends the sound with influences of Spanish flamenco guitar, Middle Eastern instrumentation, and 90s swing styles. 
The good news is Paris Combo doesn't dilute their core style for the sake of invention.  Influences and gimmicks are used sparingly for maximum effect and only enhance the finished product (including the underwater trumpet solo on "Sous la lune").  The fact that du Berry's lyrics are all sung in French only adds to the fun and deep sensuality of the CD.
If you're looking for something different, I highly recommend this CD.  Check out "Living-room", "Pas a pas", and "Sous la lune" to determine if Paris Combo is for you.

Charlie Bradshaw

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