ryan adams:
Fair or not, my first inclination on listening to a new artist is to figure out who they remind me of - usually there's someone. In this case singer/songwriter Ryan Adams haunted me for a few days until I figured it out ...read more.

gillian welch:
 time (the revelator)
For years, the very mention of bluegrass or folk music made my stomach turn. But recently I’ve come to appreciate the crafting of melodies and magical stories these genres engender. Many of today’s artists are breathing new life into the old art form ...read more.

justin rosolino:
 live show review
Derek Monjure writes about a recent live concert by Justin Rosolino in Atlanta and of sipping coffee and talking theology with Oprah, Augustine and Justin in Amsterdam ...read more.

sam phillips:
 fan dance
After a winding career in the music industry, Sam Phillips and her newest musical offering have seemingly found a nice home on the arty imprint, Nonesuch. Her stabilizing force, husband and producer extraordinaire, T Bone Burnett, is once again at the controls for the project ...read more.

aluminum group:
Pelo is the fifth offering by TAG, but my first foray into their unique sound. TAG employs some typical electronica/techno sampling sounds, but quickly moves beyond them by incorporating flavors of world music, 60s lounge melodies, 70s ballads, and splashes of folk guitar ...read more.

Oh, those sad Brits.  Coldplay is a melancholy lot that cranks out some wonderful emotional rock on their full-length state-side debut, Parachutes...read more.

david gray:
  white ladder
Don't assume that because you've heard his smash single 'Babylon', that you know anything about Brit David Gray. At first listen, the album matches those expectations – but first impressions can be misleading...read more.

adam guettel:
 myths and hymns
What makes music great?   I would propose that it must be original, something with which you are able to identify, and extremely well executed.  After you listen to great music, you should experience a "wow" deep in your soul...read more.

john mayer:
 room for squares
John Mayer's debut release exhibits an amazing song writing maturity, depth and wittiness coupled with excellent musicianship that few lifelong artists are ever able to put together in one package...read more.

paris combo:
 living room
Oh, for the days of smoky cabarets on The Left Bank in the 1920s.  Paris Combo transports you back to those carefree days with the beguiling voice of Belle du Berry...read more.

duncan sheik:
 phantom moon
Classifying Duncan Sheik is a somewhat dicey proposition, particularly after his third offering, Phantom Moon.  The material on the album could easily be performed at a rock club or a concert hall (it is perhaps better suited for the latter)...read more.

 cobra & phases play voltage...
Stereolab uses hypnotic rhythmic loops and catchy hooks to create easy listening music for the 22nd century.  If we could get a good listen to the Jetson’s hi-fi system, I would guess we’d find Stereolab in heavy rotation...read more.

tahiti 80:
Knowing there is music this good floating around in the independent world pushes me “this close” to swearing off of major label releases forever...read more.

 drops of jupiter
Train avoids the sophomore slump with no more than a slight twist of the wheel on their new album, Drops of Jupiter.  The second helping of the band’s country-tinged, southern-fried rock is served up better than ever...read more.

 elevation tour, atlanta 3.30.01
U2 has left behind the glitz and theatrical performances that alienated much of their fan base during their last few releases and returned to a classic (yet updated) rock sound that propelled them to international fame in the first place...read more.

 aware compilation 8
Aware has a long history of discovering "the next thing".  Train, Matchbox 20, Vertical Horizon and numerous others were all on an Aware Compilation disc before hitting the big time...read more.
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