parachutes (capitol records)

Oh, those sad Brits.  Coldplay is a melancholy lot that cranks out some wonderful emotional rock on their full-length state-side debut, Parachutes.  These boys are not afraid to cry.  To their credit, one gets the impression that Coldplay understands that a life tempered by struggle is necessary in order to really experience true happiness.

Pushed by the success of the single “Yellow” on radio and MTV, the album has gone gold here in the US.  “Yellow” is the most rocking tune on the album and somewhat uncharacteristic of the bulk of the tracks.  What all of the songs do have in common is extraordinary lyrical content, imaginative musicianship and an obvious passion for their work.

If you listened to “Shiver” without knowing the artist, you might be convinced that you’d stumbled upon a previously unreleased Jeff Buckley track (except for the perhaps telling British accent).  “Spies” sounds like a soundtrack to a future sequel of The Saint waiting to happen.  The apologetic “Trouble” begins with a moody piano line that sets the stage for the chorus to follow:

I never meant to cause you trouble

I never meant to do you wrong

If I ever caused you trouble

I never meant to do you harm

Coldplay has heard the inevitable Radiohead comparisons, and there are some musical similarities, but the content of the songs and the instrumentation are more straightforward. Parachutes makes for great driving music, just be sure not to miss your exit.

Greg Beadles

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